Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I'm a proud, card-carrying, dude writer - NOT!

Labels suck. All too often they get used to marginalize or trivialize someone, even when there was no deliberate intention to do so. It's sad that, in our society today, it is still a tendency to think negatively when a label gets applied to a person.

For the record, the following are writers I've never met:
Brown, black, yellow or white writers
Gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender writers
Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Taoist or atheist writers
Latino, American Indian, Asian or Eskimo writers
Disabled or handicapped writers
Old or young writers
Short or tall writers
Shy or daring writers
Loud or quiet writers
Skinny or chubby writers
Bald or hairy writers
Lady or dude writers

Instead, I've had the honor, privilege and benefit of meeting many, many writers. They come from all walks of life and backgrounds. Each crafts words that draws directly upon their experiences and worldviews to say something. I may not always like what they say or necessarily agree with it, but that's my opinion only. It takes nothing away from or diminishes the writing they do. Nor would I ever want that to happen.

I'm a writer, one of countless others who have the power to deliver something unique through their words. That should be celebrated. It's what's really important.

* * *

ETA: For more reactions to recent editions of the SFWA Bulletin, I highly recommend this digest page being kept by Jim C. Hines.

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