Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Haters, abusers & malcontents are opportunists <-- never forget!

They have to be to have any hope of spreading repulsive thoughts, words or actions outside of their own immediate circle. To them, shock, shame and pain are maximized based on the sheer numbers stricken. Bigger = so much more better and badder. Plus any outrage generated along the way becomes a badge of pride.

Being consummate opportunists, such types are always on the lookout for methods to amplify their aims. In this day of instant news, feeds, distribution lists and express tools to reach out and touch/poke/slap more souls than ever before possible, the opportunities become near endless and difficult to police.

Yet, we can't let down our guard. Never. Nor fail to respond accordingly when a bad egg exploits an opportunity and scores.

In regards to the latest racism-tinged controversy involving the use of an official SFWA communication path (see Jim C. Hines' recap here), I'm trusting the SFWA Board to do the right thing. This is already in progress, though concern is starting to circulate over the pace of the response. I, for one, would prefer a correct and complete response over one that's rash and incomplete. Reasonable limits must prevail though. I'm sure the Board is keenly aware of that as well.

In the meantime, keep eyes and ears open. And remember haters and their ilk have a much harder time getting their word spread when it has to buck a tide of voices constantly turning it back.

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