Monday, February 17, 2014

You may be a writer if...

With a nod to Jeff Foxworthy, I've been enjoying quite a few giggles coming up with these over on Twitter. From the reactions, I'm not alone.

Read all of the following starting with the opening line: "You may be a writer if..."

  1. You get the most brilliant ideas the farther away from a keyboard you wander.
  2. A spare 15 minutes isn't a quick break. It's a whole new scene.
  3. Every real person you meet has something to use in a story. You just have to figure it out.
  4. Sleep and dreams require a notepad be stationed for rapid access.
  5. World building and world plundering are typical things you do before breakfast.
  6. Word Count to you is like the Gravitational Constant is to a physicist.
  7. Instead of people watching for fun, you do it for juicy ideas.
  8. You ache to edit your uneditable stuff. Like tweets, e-mails, scribbled out grocery lists.
Feel free to add your own.