Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reflections on the writing year that was

It's always a mixed bag thinking back on the year behind and ahead on the one to come. Inevitably my 'good' list outweighs my 'not so good' one. Though that might sound disappointing, I treat it as a positive in the sense that, whenever I face the future, I hope and strive to accomplish more. Putting it differently, I dread the way my life may have turned if I ever intend to do less. That's not me, at least not the me I've grown up with.

On the writing front, I've got a couple of pluses. I made significant headway on my novel WIP, including plotting it out in my head through its conclusion. Along the way, it took a couple of exciting turns that boost the story, IMHO. I may not be an outliner type of writer, but I did learn over the last 12 months that a pure seat-of-the-pants approach is just too open-ended for me. I need some boundaries and a blueprint, at least a birds-eye version of one. I've got that in hand now for the WIP.

I placed two short stories this year. Had some nice reader reactions to both. Feedback is A Very Good Thing.

For minuses, my stable of short stories has grown thin. This is due to a heavy focus on the novel WIP, which is usurping the majority of my writing time. Need to work on that.

Speaking of the novel, it isn't progressing as quickly as I'd like. I had hoped to have wrapped up the first draft in 2013 but it looks like I'll have to try again for that in the new year. I confess that I did some rewriting this year instead of focusing on just capturing a full draft. I blame my inner editor, which can't stay silent about rough edges, gaps, inconsistencies and plot problems. They're like dust bunnies skittering across your floor while uttering a taunt of "Catch me if you can." You just gotta go get 'em.

I need to overhaul my web page. I could pay someone to do that but I'm stubborn. So I want to take first crack at it.

Lastly, I think I did a bit better using social media in regards to my writing but I've got a long way to go. With social media, Zen is mighty difficult to achieve.

That's it. Goodbye 2013. Greetings 2014.

Let the words flow.