Sunday, August 18, 2013

You are writing... even when you aren't

Just got back from a summer vacation with the family. We took our two boys on their first ever cruise to the Western Caribbean. All of us had a blast and enjoyed getting pampered, spoiled and catered to 24x7. No serious sunburns or significant seasickness resulted, so I'd call the trip a resounding success.

During our packing stage, my wife asked how much of my writing I planned to tote along. I said zip. This was a full vacation, time-off from both the day job and from the writing job. I totally blew that plan even before I finished packing. How did I manage that?

My TBR pile.

For my current novel WIP, I have a small set of books on various technical topics that constitute research. Guess what the #1 choice of book was that accompanied me on the cruise. Yep. Ditto book #2 (which I didn't actually get to). 

So basically I performed research on behalf of my writing during my summer vacation. Admittedly all of that happened in a lounge chair either on the ship's fantail or else pool-side, usually with a frosty beverage or two involved. Have to say that a writer could get seriously used to that caliber of research. Alas the same cannot be said for a writer's bank account.