Sunday, June 2, 2013

5 paths to publishing

This is a good overview of 5 typical paths to publication in use today. Many of the writers I've met are focused on #5, DIY Direct. This doesn't surprise me much because:
  1. I'm meeting most writers virtually, that is, via the web. Which is the primary channel for DIY Direct.
  2. DIY Direct gives the writer more control. I think many people much prefer to sit in the driver's seat, especially in regards to their business, life or passion.
Frankly though, there really isn't one "best" way to get published anymore. Just different ways, each of which has pros and cons to be considered.

No real surprise, it comes down to: whichever path works for you. And that choice of path may not stay the same over your writing career.

The article provides a handy PDF file with summary info and reference links.

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