Friday, March 25, 2016

What Todd is Writing

Vortex clocks in at 73,000 words. Amazing. Incredible. Hallelujah.
Now for reflections…
For the most part, the story went where I expected it would. I mapped it out last year, though I must say, since then, there have been some surprises along the way. Meaning, twists and turns I didn't envision. That's what 'discovery' writing can do for you. It provides plenty of opportunities for your keyboard to take control and pound out a real zinger or two. Even still, the story wrapped up the way I'd envisioned. I am quite tickled. Biased as I undoubtedly am, I really enjoy reading it.
Now begins the process of commercialization. I've decided that I'm going to query select agents in the genre that embodies Vortex (YA and New Adult + Speculative Fiction). We'll see if it garners any interest. Say what you will but these are evolutionary times in the publishing industry, which is shorthand for: all bets are off. That being said, it remains true that well-told stories will find their audience, one way or another. That's the amazing aspect of this business. There are numerous ways to get your stories circulating in quest of the ultimate audience. Perseverance can prevail, assuming it doesn't drive the writer insane along the way.
So where did Vortex come from? Well, that's a story unto itself…
On May 29, 1982, an F4 tornado wrecked havoc upon Southern Illinois. Living in Marion, Illinois at the time, I had a set of grandparents. Stereotypically, they happened to live in a trailer occupying a classy trailer park skirted by the tornado in question. My Grandpa told me about what he saw that day. He stood outside and watched the twister head straight for him, unerringly and unstoppable. I will not forget how he described his vision of the thing. It weaved methodically, side-to-side, vacuuming up everything in it's path. 'Serpentine' he portrayed it. To him, it seemed like the thing held him mesmerized, to the point where his physical safety was in jeopardy. He couldn't stop watching it. That's what he said. 'I couldn't take my eyes off of it.' As it set upon him, somehow, he shook off his hypnosis and rushed inside to be with my Grandma there in the end. They survived. Ten people didn't.
Vortex is for you, Grandpa.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Blog Interruption Over

Apologies for the unexpected blog hiatus here. It's something I let get away from me. Whenever that happens, quite a gap can build up, especially given the murderous way time flies. Anyhow we should be back to normalcy.

This is also an opportunity to remind everyone that you can find me over on Twitter and Facebook if you happen to frequent those venues.